Steve Rogers sizing up the different sorts of fiery pits he is about to jump over for Bucky Barnes


This is really fucking powerful.


This is really fucking powerful.


natasha’s humor is so great though because it’s almost close to but also completely different from what you’re used to seeing from other (male) antihero characters - you know, the whole Charming Asshole, snarky-in-the-face-of-danger, devil-may-care vibe (see: tony stark, peter quill in the mcu)

natasha always has a gravity to her no matter how flippant or sarcastic she’s being. her humor is dry and constantly self-aware, it’s there because she’s seen so much and done so much that what else can she do but crack a smile? and the best, the best thing about natasha’s humor is that the jokes are mostly for herself. this is a woman who is known to be cold and distant with others, but when she climbs onto a boat full of unknown danger in the dead of night, she thinks to herself “lost in a sea of uncertainty…pun intended.” she doesn’t care if nobody thinks it’s funny but her because she’s her own audience (which can have a sad implication regarding how much time she’s spent alone in her life). in the charming asshole trope, the humor or dickishness usually at least partially turns out to be a performance, one that masks some sort of vulnerability. with natasha, it’s the opposite. the humor is where she’s vulnerable, where she’s honest. if natasha tells you a joke, it means she’s a. probably about to kick your ass and thus doesn’t give a shit or b. that she trusts you. (also, when natasha makes fun of steve in catws it never crosses a line into actual meanness - she’s not insensitive, just irreverent). 

basically: natasha’s humor is for herself. she hasn’t exactly had a funny or entertaining life, so she’s got to generate that or i think she’d break down. and the world is pretty funny, once you’ve seen enough of it. brutal, complicated, and unfair - but pretty fucking funny, too. knowing natasha, whatever there is of a real her, means being in on the joke.  



Christian Bale based elements of his performance as Patrick Bateman on Tom Cruise after seeing an interview with the diminutive star. According to director Mary Harron, Bale said he saw “this very intense friendliness with nothing behind the eyes”. For more movie facts and trivia follow movie


Christian Bale based elements of his performance as Patrick Bateman on Tom Cruise after seeing an interview with the diminutive star. According to director Mary Harron, Bale said he saw “this very intense friendliness with nothing behind the eyes”. For more movie facts and trivia follow movie

76% of negative feedback given to women included personality criticism. For men, 2%. The study speaks to the impossible tightrope women must walk to do their jobs competently and to make tough decisions while simultaneously coming across as nice to everyone, all the time.



This is how you feminist ally.

Transcript below:

Hey guy friends, read this (yeah it’s long):

So you’ve heard about the misogynist shooter at UCSB, and his public statements that he killed women (and guys he saw as having ‘unfair access’ to women’s bodies) because he felt like he deserved sex and attention from women, and felt entitled to revenge when the women around him understandably stayed the fuck away from his creepy self.

What he did was way more extreme than anything 99.99% of men will ever do, but our culture endorses his basic premise, and we’re the ones who should really be challenging that. This guy was steeped in a culture that told him it’s OK to get mad at women who turn you down, that girlfriends and sex partners are a reward you get for being a man the right way, and even when he started talking about murder, he didn’t really stand out until after people were dead.

You probably don’t know any future spree killers, but it’s statistically almost certain you know someone who has already or will commit rape and/or intimate partner abuse. And the thing about those guys, that we know from research is, they think they’re normal. That every other guy does the same stuff behind closed doors. Enough do that they’re not exactly wrong. And we strengthen that feeling whenever we stay quiet when someone says some sketchy shit. 

When you hear a co-worker talk about getting back with or back at an ex, remind him breakups are unilateral. Tell him it’s fine to be sad on his own time, but she’s made up her mind and he’s gotta move on. Ask him why he wants to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t want to be around him anymore rather than try to find someone who does. 

When your cousin complains bitterly about women rejecting him even though he thinks he was nice, say ‘Dude, don’t try to make them owe you. Go find someone who LIKES you’ Maybe no one will like this guy, but that doesn’t change the rules, and he’s more likely to be likable if he gets that shit out of his head.

When you hear guys joke about forcing a woman to have sex, remember they might not be joking. Or they might be, but someone else in earshot might be relieved to hear other guys do it too. Don’t laugh. Say ‘dude, people are gonna think you’re a rapist’ and see what happens. Make it awkward. I’m not the best at this either but we all gotta try. 

When your female friends or girlfriend tell you some guy in your social circle creeps them out, stop inviting him to stuff. Offer to talk to the guy with or without mentioning them specifically. Things are already awkward, you’re just handing this dude back the awkward mess he’s already made. It’s ok for you to have ‘doesn’t creep out my other friends’ as a thing you require in a friend. 

Don’t make women do this shit alone. It may be hard for you, but women take WAY more heat from guys when they do these same things. We gotta get our asses off the sidelines.”

(emphasis mine)



Right, so idiot!Thor comes from two places, as far as I can tell. One being that he’s a huge blond muscled brash jock type who started out in the movie Thor acting arrogant and foolish, and clearly was/is not particularly academic or interested in intellectual pursuits over other, more exciting pursuits, like hitting stuff with Mjolnir. 

The other is his fish-out-of-water behavior that we see mostly in Thor and a little bit in Avengers, and a lot of the things discussed here actually also apply to Steve Rogers as well.

So, jerk!Thor from the beginning of the movie. He’s a giant spoiled brat, basically, and the instant he gets it demonstrated to him that he’s wrong and that his actions have consequences, he changes the way he acts, thinks, everything. He doesn’t learn from being lectured, he learns from observing. Aside from the obvious fact that not being an academic doesn’t make you stupid, being a dumb arrogant bastard at first doesn’t mean he’s a peabrain either.

Loki obviously thinks so, and I get where he’s coming from, but Loki’s a well-read, presumably bookish master of magic, and he STILL is a dumbfuck who thinks mass genocide of his own people will make his Odin!daddy love him, so he’s not exactly got any room to lecture.

They’re, like, Gods who give birth to horses and shit. I’m pretty sure humility lessons (and demonstrations!) were far and few between.

Now, fish-out-of-water!Thor.

I mentioned this being somewhat similar to Steve’s situation. And if you will allow me to digress for a moment, it is. It has less of a basis in film canon than Thor’s reactions to modern human life, but still.

When we first see Steve after he has committed to the mission, here is what he is doing: Holding and reading a briefing pad/tablet/holographic whatever (that doesn’t even exist properly IRL) about Bruce Banner, and riding in the (quin?)jet. Here is what he is not doing: Shrieking about confusing technology and throwing the thing to the floor, while curling up into a small ball and weeping because the (quin)jet looks weird. 

Here’s what Steve probably remembers from the 1940’s: His desegregated military squad. His squad in the midst of an escape picking up Tesseract-charged weapons and being all LOL WHAT DOES THIS DO and IDK BRO TRY SHOOTING IT and OH WOW THAT WORKS I GUESS and not a single one of them standing around clutching at their pearls and crying OH MY LAWD, I DON’T RECOGNIZE THIS ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY. The Tesseract itself, which was not exactly as common as a newspaper from the corner stand, but when he saw bits of technology that used its energy lying around, recognized it, picked it up and put it in his pocket for Howard to analyze later. Peggy Carter as a formidable and respectable military personnel and human being. The crazyass weird science chamber thing Howard Stark built for him for Project Rebirth, that he climbed into without barely looking twice at the fucking thing or asking about it even though he likely never saw anything like it in his life. Gigantic tanks the size of the fucking Egyptian pyramids. Glancing at the map in Zola’s lab and immediately memorizing where all of the pins were. Howard Stark trying to create flying cars. Weirdass mechanical weapons and soldiers and air ships under the command of the Red Skull. The world’s only chunk of Vibranium, which he then immediately appropriates for his own use. Movie screens. Radios. Telephones. 

Here’s what we see in Avengers: Steve using outdated references, and missing some modern ones, as well as failing to understand Tony Stark-level science.  Here’s what we also see:  Steve taking  in the invisible flying aircraft carrier with no more or less surprise than anyone else.  In fact, he calmly hands Fury a $10 bill.

Here’s what Steve is almost never, ever shown as being: Slow on the uptake or shocked at new tech.

And so, back to Thor – yeah, we see him Majorly Not Understanding Shit and it’s fucking hilarious and I love it. And he definitely got into more misunderstandings and shit that a quieter, more analytical person might have. He walks into a pet store and asks for a horse or a cat large enough to ride, walks into traffic, smashes cups on the floor, and can’t pronounce “Hubble.” 

And me, I think about Asgard and go, wow, I don’t actually know what that thing attached to the Bifrost was. Like, it was a giant gold spinny ball with a pointy thing and it went WHIRR and ZOOM and the Asgardians would think I was the stupidest person ever to exist ever. I mean, if I suddenly woke up there I’d walk into a shop and ask if they had a car or a bicycle, probably, and they’d be all LOL WUT NO HAVE THIS GIANT CAT ACTUALLY, WE RIDE THEM HERE. In fact, let’s talk about Freyja. Freyja of ancient Norse legend right out of the same place as Thor, who FUCKING RIDES. A. CHARIOT. DRAWN. BY. CATS.

And Mjolnir? I would pronounce it exactly like Darcy, which was “myow-myow” and probably sounded like the funniest shit ever when Thor heard it because it’s Mjolnir, duh, everyone knows what Mjolnir is.

If I may make a brief comparison, I was raised in New York and then went to school in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong restaurants, they serve you shitty tea with your bowls and utensils, and it’s used to wash stuff in, like chopsticks, before the meal.

When I first got there, I drank it.

And all of my friends were like UM. ER. UH. And, you know, it was really really funny and I laughed a lot, but, yeah, hi, that’s what Thor’s experiencing on Earth. WHY DO THEY LOOK AT HIM ODDLY WHEN HE ASKS FOR A NEW DRINK? HE WANTS ONE AND HE ASKED FOR IT THE WAY HE ALWAYS DOES THESE HUMANS ARE SO ODD WHY DO THEY NOT WANT HIM TO HAVE A NEW COFFEE (and so forth).

My long, rambling point is that it’s not a sign of small intelligence to look like an idiot in the face of culture clash. (I mean, I’m not saying that I’m super smart or anything, but yeah.)

And so I thought I would list out a few scenes from the movies that illustrate my point.

His first scene on Earth, Darcy tazes him. Now, he obviously doesn’t know what it is or can do to him, but he instantly knows it’s a weapon. “You dare threaten me, Thor, with so puny a weapon as that?” And hey, he might have known exactly how powerful it was – but at that point he didn’t realize he was human yet, not really, and so rightly expected it couldn’t touch him. Besides which, he doesn’t act as if Darcy is some crazy Lightning Sorceress or something.

He says to Jane that “science and magic are one and the same” where he comes from, but doesn’t go around proclaiming object/people “magic this” or “magic that” as a habit. He understands that they have tools he does not recognize.

He gets in Jane’s car without freaking out and touching everything like a hyper 5-year-old. 

He (watches Jane make and) helps serve pancakes to Selvig and Darcy. Clearly, he can be around kitchen appliances without 1) exploding them, 2) yelling at them, 3) hitting them with Mjolnir.

And when Selvig comes to get Thor from captivity, all “DONALD! DONALD I’M TAKING YOU HOME!” Thor gets it. He got the hint. Most importantly, he knows how to keep his mouth the fuck shut and doesn’t blabber and bellow indiscriminately at inopportune times. He just doesn’t.

He doesn’t run right into the SHIELD encampment with a big battle cry either – he puts something dark on to blend into the night, and sneaks in until he can’t sneak anymore. Could Natasha or Clint or even Steve done it with more sneaking and less smashing? For fucking sure, but he’s not so pigheaded as to not realize his own limits.

Even when going to Jotunheim, he knew he had the power to take on the Frost Giants. Not the presence of mind to realize that his companions couldn’t, but he himself had the skills to back up his big talk.

This is demonstrated absolutely nowhere better than when the Destroyer comes to town.

“Thor’s going to fight with us!” Volstagg (?) says.

And Thor says, no, he’ll only get in the way and get one of them killed. He knows his new human limits, and he is neither so arrogant nor so pig-headed as to ignore that knowledge. He removes himself purposely from the glorious battle because it’s logical.

And Loki, well. Loki outsmarts Thor a hell of a lot. But the majority of that stems from Thor’s continual willingness to trust and love his brother, and think the best of him.

So, Avengers.

I haven’t the faintest flipping clue how Thor managed to find the one ship that was transporting his brother – was he keeping track of SHIELD? Does he have a Loki homing beacon? – but not only does he find them, march in and drag Loki out, but he knows Loki is being manipulated.

“Who controls the would-be king?”

This photo has nothing to do with anything IDK

Now, for all we know Odin could have sat him down and taught him this, sure, but just as likely not.

On top of which he now knows what it’s like to be at least a little wise.

“The throne would suit you ill.” / “In my youth I called it war.”

Thor doesn’t understand flying monkeys? Well, Coulson doesn’t understand bilgesnipe.

Thor, on the bridge of the Helicarrier for what we have to assume is the first time ever, does not run around squawking at the NINE KAJILLION COMPUTERS THERE and booming things like WHAT MAGIC IS THIS LET ME HIT IT WITH MY HAMMER FOR FUN BECAUSE CLEARLY IT IS SORCERY.

He knows that Iron Man is Tony and Hulk is Bruce, which seems like the biggest NO DUH ever but THIS IS THE LEVEL PEOPLE WRITE HIM AT IN FIC, OKAY. THIS. LEVEL. OF. DUMB.  And I don’t even mean bad writers. Good writers, you guys. Good writers with excellent prose and plotting and characterization write him as a frothing child.

And he doesn’t instantly try to beat the shit out of Hulk, he tries talking him down and getting through to Bruce, quite possibly because he knows he can’t beat him in a prolonged fight.  I’m not sure that a good military leader – even a good bash-‘em-up solo fighter – can survive if he’s incapable of adapting, learning, and strategy to some extent. He listens to strategy, too – or at least, listened to Steve when the time came.

He also really, really does not ever a single fucking time see something  strange going on and bellow, “IS THIS AN EARTH CUSTOM?” and then try to do it too.


At all.

And he’s seen, like, Bruce turn green and wreck shit.

So, to conclude, Thor is: A puppy. Mildly block-headed. Not bookish. Brash and more about action than talk.

Thor is not: Droolingly stupid. A hyper 5-month-old who understands nothing and screams at everything. Prone to automatically assume any and all technology is magic. Incapable of speaking quietly.

So, er. Yeah! :D?

PS: A really awesome article I ran into – interpret at your own will, but still worth discussing – is how Loki is an allegory for internalized racism.

At the very least, I would like to state this as fact: The problem wasn’t that no one told Loki, “We love you in spite of being a Frost Giant” enough.  The problem was that no one told Loki, “There is nothing wrong with being a Frost Giant.”

Reblogging an old rant of mine, because I have been reading some new fic and very sadly have to report that it is still applicable.


some days i just wanna make people sad


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